Promoting clients’ ability to contribute to their community

People with mental illnesses and other psychiatric concerns often need help in different aspects of their lives, including work, living, social, and learning environments. The psychosocial Rehabilitation program is a kind of treatment designed to help improve the lives of people with mental disabilities. The goal of psychosocial rehabilitation is to teach emotional, cognitive, and social skills that help those diagnosed with mental illness live and work in their communities as independently as possible.

The core goals of the psychosocial Rehabilitation program are to help people feel:

  • Hopeful
    – People may be left feeling demoralized as a result of their condition; rehabilitation focuses on helping clients feel hopeful about the future.
  • Empowered
    – Each individual needs to feel that they are able to set their own goals and have the power and autonomy to pursue those goals.
  • Skilled
    – Rehabilitation aims to teach people skills to help them manage their condition and live the life they want to live. This includes living skills, work skills, social skills, family relationships, peer and social relationships, employment, education, recreation, health, and wellness.
  • Supported
    – Mental health professionals should offer support and help clients build relationships and social connections in their community.

The services are offered in our offices Monday through Friday for four hours per day, provided by experimented mental health professionals. We also offered this service through telemedicine for two hours per day.

Are you interested in availing of this service? Please set an appointment for an assessment of your needs. You can also call us or send us a message if you have more questions.

therapist interviewing a man